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The Property Solopreneur Podcast

Dec 11, 2023
Charlotte Edwards
The Property Solopreneur Podcast

I speak to Rachel Troughton about my story in property, how it didn't exactly have a dream start.

As a single mother with zero experience in property development, a marketing background, and a love for challenges, I had to rebuild the family development firm with 25 houses to build, a truckload of debts, and money to construct barely two. 

In this episode, I share my biggest wins and losses, my thoughts on being a woman in the male-dominated construction and property industry, how I transitioned into a CEO mindset, and more.  

What Is Covered:

  • How I got into property development
  • Turning COVID restrictions into opportunities
  • My rookie mistakes and what I learned from them
  • What drew me to stay in property after I "saved" the family business
  • The adjustments I made to start operating as the CEO of the company
  • What it’s like to be the woman in charge of a development site



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