Freedom Through Property Discovery Call

Your opportunity to find out if the Freedom Through Property coaching course is right for you.

What you'll get:

» 30 minutes on a video call with Charlotte

» Analysis of your current situation and goals

» An overview of the coaching course and its benefits

» Recommendations for next steps to achieve your goals


£75.00 GBP

No Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing to enrol in Freedom Through Property Discovery Call. Please read this policy carefully before making your purchase.

Why We Have a No Refund Policy

We have implemented this policy due to the nature of our online course content. Upon purchase, you gain immediate access to all course materials, including downloadable resources and interactive content. As a result, we can't retrieve the knowledge you have acquired or the resources you downloaded after you accessed them.

Furthermore, our instructors and team invest significant time and effort into creating and maintaining our course content, ensuring its quality and relevance. Your purchase directly supports our efforts to provide valuable educational resources to our students.

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